The Ex is at it again.

Sending me emails that I don’t want to read, implying feelings I definitely don’t have. It’s enough to make a person’s skin crawl the way he goes on about how much he loves me in one sentence only to contradict himself in the next by saying how he could possibly hurt me by forcing me to reconcile with him or by trying to make me pay financially for all his “sacrifices“ that he made before there ever was a relationship to speak of.

Sorry, but that is not love.

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love doesn’t mean obsessively contacting a person with threats of one form or another just because you can.

I stopped all communications with him awhile ago now. I knew that trying to reason with him over the phone, through emails was not working and so I stopped corresponding. Every time the phone rings and if someone on the other end doesn’t talk immediately, I hang up. Every time he emails, I file it away into a folder just encase I need them for evidence later.

It all sounds like something I would watch in the midday movie on TV yet it is scarily my reality at the moment and although I’m coping with the threats just fine, I don’t appreciate that a person can do this to another human being and think that it is okay for them to do it.

Because it’s not ok to force a person to be in a relationship just because one person cannot deal with the failure of it.

It’s not okay at all.

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