Pay rise

“Oi, Miss Y!” a male voice broke through the air and I turned around to see the guy who works in the maintenance store waving me over.

I didn’t have time to stop for a chat, I had a mountain of paperwork I needed to get through before I clocked off for the day and so I approached the counter more out of politeness than any real enthusiasm.

“Can I have a copy of your job description.”

“My what?” I asked, pretending to mishear him whilst stalling for time to frame my answer.

“Your job description. I want to get put onto the same money as you and the Greaser and I want to compare what similar jobs we do so I can argue the case.”

I’m not sure what similar tasks he was referring to other than we both answer the phone – him for store stuff, me for maintenance stuff, we both work on the same computer system – him in stores, me in planning – and we both place requestions – him parts, me services – but other than that our jobs are completely different. Of course if he was referring to the fact that I used to have to do his job – make sure that certain items were reordered after they were taken from the store and find information on products that he needed to order, than that would make his case pretty much null and void.

“I don’t have a job description.”

“Oh, ok. So how did you get your pay rise?”

“Well I didn’t just get a pay rise. It was all done under the old maintenance agreement. They (management) went away and found out what the other Maintenance Planners were on, took in account that I didn’t have a trade behind me nor a degree or diploma and put me on what I am on now.”

And I thought after my explanation that I wouldn’t hear anything more about it. That was until today.

“I just had maintenance store guy ask to be put on the same money as you, can you believe that!?” spoke the Engineer, taking a seat across from me and watching my face closely. I rolled my eyes in response and mumbled that he had mentioned something along those lines awhile ago.

“You do realise that your job has different aspects from his, right? I know you’ve been stuck in the office right now fixing all this other stuff up but eventually you will be back on plant again.”

“Oh I know, and I think maintenance store guy needs to look at his “situation” …” I replied, making circular motions with my hands in the direction of the store, referring to the chaos hidden behind those four walls.

“….instead of trying to compare our jobs as the one and same..”

…and just for the record, if I was in charge of maintaining the maintenance store, like I was before I got busy and we had to hire a store person, it definately wouldn’t be in the state that it is today…..

“Oh. Well ok then. As long as we are clear.”


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