A flowery apology

“Oh wow, someone is definitely loved.” I exclaimed, sighting a dozen of red, long-stemmed, roses on display on the rear bench of the office.

“Oh yeah, but I think it’s an unwanted love.” replied the woman standing in the hallway and I gave her a questioning look which prompted her to explain further.

“They are from an ex of hers…” (“Her” I assumed was the managing director, whose office held the flowers.)

“… who called her all the names under the sun and then the next moment he is sending flowers and stuffed bears begging her to take him back.”

At that final statement a cold feeling washed over me and I turned away to hide the sudden frown that had appeared on my face.

I too had experienced the receiving of an unwanted bunch of flowers once upon a time, along with a card that wished me a happy anniversary for a relationship I was no longer an active participate in. I’m not sure how much clearer I could have been at the time about no longer wanting to be with this person but my voice, along with my decision, had been ignored.  My own response to his blantant disregard for my feelings was to promptly dispose of the flowers, along with the card, into the bin. Any other type of reaction would have just fueled the fire when all I wanted to do was smother the flames.

“I really don’t understand boys….” The woman continued on, gazing at the roses with a sigh

“They can be so stupid sometimes.”

I chuckled lightly and briefly glanced once more at the floral arrangement myself before turning away in disgust.

“Yes. They certainly can be…. ”

….especially if they believe flowers are an appropriate way to apologise after disrespecting someone…

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