I like to be a perfectionist at work and I hate to make mistakes. What do I hate more than making mistakes at work? Having my mistakes witnessed by others.

We have installed a new software package on our work computers for all things related to finance as well as maintenance and because of this new package I’m now somewhat responsible for using accounting cost codes when raising requestions for servicing work. I accorded myself service work responsibility because I wanted to have work orders for all work carried out by Contractors and in order to do this I needed to know what is going on and when it was happening. Which is fine and all because it gives me a sense of knowing and control. What I don’t like however is how no-one explained to me, as a requisitioner, how important I get my cost codes correct when making a requestion. No-one explained to me that if I did stuff up – something I have found I have been doing unknowingly on some req’s – that trying to reverse it would be nothing short of a nightmare. No-one stressed that enough to me. If they had of I might of demanded more information in the beginning – like a complete list of account codes for instance – so I had no way of stuffing up in the first place. Hell I might of called the site Operations Manager each and every time I raised a req to ask her where she would of charged the service to instead of trying to figure that out for myself. I’m not an accountant. I’m a Maintenance Planner.

But instead of having all of this, instead of giving me plenty of information or at the very least demanding that I first check with an accounts person when raising each req’s so I get codes right I’ve been mostly left in the dark. And the worst part is that I’m not the only one who feels let down.

Oh and to top off my Monday….

Because my asset register was made such a pigs breakfast of – I am ruing the day I let someone else design my asset register on the new system without me looking at the final copy with plenty of time before an upload so I could make necessary changes – and because I haven’t had time to sort it out completely down to the last minute detail like I would like, I could be potentially having wrong cost centers on functional locations which could potentially stuff things up if I raise a work order to a functional location and the cost centre doesn’t match the service.

I have a lot of work to do and it’s hard to complete it all when I have my daily job to do on top of all the things I‘m finding wrong. What I do know is how I plan to attack req’s in the future, with a phone call to an accounts person, to ensure my cost codes are 100% perfect.

I hate making mistakes.

Especially when I know they could of been avoided to begin with.

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