“Hey, your phone’s ringing.”

I was busily preparing some food stuffs in the kitchen when Mr X called out to me from the lounge room. I rushed out to try and catch the call but missed it by one ring. A moment later my phone started vibrating and ringing once more and I answered it immediately upon seeing who’s name was on the screen.

“Hey L!, what’s going on?!”

My friend L lives an interesting life. She’s a thirty something woman who I can best describe as unpredictable. I first met her a number of years ago when her brother moved into the unit next to my own and upon sighting me she invited me over – to her brothers home where she didn‘t live none the less – to have a few drinks with a bunch of strangers and her own family. I was single and unemployed at the time, very shy and very much a home body and L was the complete opposite. Mostly always bored and mostly always looking for something to do that involved alcohol, the beach or men. Sometimes all three together. From there we became best friends of sorts and we would hang out at pubs and clubs making our own sort of fun along the way.

These days we are lucky to meet up for drinks once every couple of months but I guess that makes me appreciate the time when we do get it a lot more.

“Hey, Miss Y! I’m down at the pub. Come have a few drinks with me!”

It was 5 in the afternoon.

The last time we had gone out for drinks it had been a fairly eventful evening firstly because I got to see a well known Australian band live, had seen people out on the town that I hadn’t seen for years and had rescued L from numerous guys who wanted to have their way with her whilst she was too drunk to be in control. I was exhausted from it all by 1 in the morning and dragged both our asses – hers drunk, mine tired – home to our respective homes by cab. It had been fun whilst it lasted but it was good to get home, dress in my flannel pj’s and read a book.

“Yeah, not tonight L. I’m too wrecked from a busy week. I’ll come and see you during the week?”

We said our goodbyes and I hung up the phone.

“Not in the mood for a night on the town?” Mr X asked, picking up in the kitchen where I had left off.

“Definitely not. But it‘s always nice to have the option offered every now and again.”

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